Our Vision

To be the leading LSA, FFA, Safety and Marine equipment sales and service provider to the Marine and Oil & Gas Industries in the region.

Our Mission

  • To provide professional, ethical and high quality LSA, FFE, Safety and Marine Equipments supplies and services.
  • To achieve high customer satisfaction through swift & efficient services.
  • To continually advance our work standards and procedures to ensure that all supplies and services comply with only the most current applicable standards, rules and regulations.

Our Core Values

  • Work hard, be honest, be flexible.
  • Build a positive team and family spirit.
  • Be passionate and determined.
  • Strive for Excellence
  • Care.


The Management of Mui Lee Enterprise Sdn Bhd is committed to provide excellent Sales, Maintenance, Servicing and Testing of Life Saving Appliances, Fire Fighting and Detection System, Safety and Marine Equipment that meet clients’ satisfaction, and will continually improve its quality through Continual Improvement Program and complying with all legal, statutory and contractual requirements.

ISO Certification


Safety is the core of Mui Lee business. Our actions or lack of action will directly impact the wellbeing of our clients and their stakeholders. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that safety is engraved into the heart of each member of our Mui Lee Family. We must also care for and protect the environment, and respect the communities in which we work.

Our activities are governed by the following policies:

Workplace Smokinbg Policy

Workplace Smoking

Drugs and Alcohol Policy

Drug/Alcohol Policy

Stop Work Policy

Stop Work Policy

Master Policy
Transport Policy

Transport Policy

PPE Policy

PPE Policy

Environmental Care Policy

Environmental Care


In 1990, Mui Lee Enterprise embarked as a hardware sales entity. Yet, fueled by the rhythm of customer demand, our trajectory shifted. As years unfolded, our scope broadened, aligning with our mission – to be your one stop safety solution. Today, we stand as a living testament to progress, flexibly adapting to meet your safety needs, crafting a narrative that mirrors our valued customers' expansion.

1990 - Inception

The company was founded in 1990 with the primary purpose of trading hardware for shipbuilding.

1992 - Liferaft & Fire Extinguisher

With the growing awareness and demands for safety, Mui Lee's started its Marine Department approved Liferaft Servicing station in 1992. It also received its approval as a BOMBA approved fire extinguisher servicing station later that year.

1994 - Labuan Branch

Mui Lee started its branch in Labuan to meet its clients' demands.

1995 - SCBA

Mui Lee expanded its scope of servicing to include Self Contained Breathing Apparatus, Emergency Escape Breathing Devices and Respiratory Equipment.

2000 - Rescue Boats

In view of its client's need for semi-rigid rescue boat servicing, Mui Lee expanded its servicing scope to include semi-rigid boat recertification, repair and overhaul.

2002 - Fixed Fire Fighting Systems

Mui Lee partnered with a fixed fire fighting systems engineering company in Singapore and became their local sales and service support for fixed fire fighting systems.

2003 - ABS and Lloyds Register Approval

Mui Lee received ABS and Lloyds Register approval as their recognized service supplier for Life Saving Appliances and Fire Fighting Appliances.

2006 - Inflatable Lifejackets

Mui Lee expanded its LSA scope of service to include Infltable Lifejackets as well as immersion suits.

2008 - Davits and Cranes

Mui Lee upskilled its service team and included the servicing of rescue boat davits and cranes.

2010 - BV Approved

In order to enhance its credibility, Mui Lee obtained BV's recognition of its LSA, FFA, Davits and Respiratory Equipment services.

2011 - Bunkering Hoses

Mui Lee equiped itself with the knowledge and expertise to service, repair and swage bunkering hoses in view of the changes in SOLAS requirement.

2012 - Gas Detection

In line wiht the changes in IMO regulation which states the requirement of gas detectors onboard vessels, Mui Lee formed its gas detection calibration division in 2012.

2014 - Class NK

Mui Lee received Class NK service supplier approval in 2014.

2015 - ISO9001:2008

With great confidence in its quality products and services, Mui Lee pursued ISO 9001:2008 certification and received ISO certification in 2015.

2016 - Lifeboat Rehooking

Mui Lee included Lifeboat Rehooking in its scope of services to cater for the change in lifeboat hook standards.

2019 - Class RINA

Mui Lee received RINA approved service provider in 2019 for Inflatable Life Saving Appliances, Lifeboat, Lifeboat Davit and Release Mechanism, Fire Fighting Appliances and Self Contained Breathing Devices.

2022 - Corrosion Prevention

Approved by Institute of Materials Malaysia, Mui Lee offers reliable corrosion prevention products, services as well as trainings.